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JV Marketing Partnership details:

I'm looking to collaborate with JV marketing partners who have clients/friends or want to give something really unique and experiential to your VIP clients or mastermind groups.  

Could you send a solo email and spread the word on your Social Media platforms to assist me with my goal of transforming lives?  Both of these events are launches to grow the concept worldwide with Moto GP, F-1, Nascar, World Superbike and other sports, to provide a platform for all of us, to speak around the world and reach more wealthy clients next year on the circuit and the opportunity to combine our events with their events!  Go where the people are!

Thanks for your support in creating a successful and profitable event for everyone! :-)   

Nadine 949-421-7562

PS: Note: With my website under reconstruction after many computer issues, and only 40 tickets for sale, we will manage the process with an Excel Spreadsheet due to time constraints in setting up an affiliate program.

Thank you for taking action and participating/helping in promoting
this AMAZING event with your email list, social medias, friends and family.

JV MARKETING PARTNERS: This is a great opportunity for you and/or internet marketers: I will give you 50% for any tickets sold and 70% on any products sold at the events (Speakers & Coaches), which is really generous compared to the market, because these are my 2 first big PERSONAL events: I want to create a HUGE SUCCESS, a NEW TREND and encourage everyone to have a WIN-WIN situation!

Since this CONCEPT is SO UNIQUE, I think the best way to promote and get better results, would be a video email and/or to create a teleconference, webinar or interview, radio, TV with me - I have a radio line, so I can set-up everything quickly by phone! We can also give a lot of value to your customers, create some intellectual property products together, and SHARE tools and strategies for entrepreneurs at the same time. Many topics are available at or we can customize something completely different! I can also give away few tickets if you want to do a contest? Any other suggestions are welcome :-) This would be also a great event for your V.I.P. customers as an appreciation gift... or to bring something really new, fun and unique to your clientele. ALL DETAILS FOR JV will be updated here on

videos are on

RADIO COMMERCIAL AD: Coming tomorrow

Your COUPON CODE: Choose your name and your favorite number and just send us a confirmation email at with your coupon code, and bingo! Really easy... and please include us in your email list and/or TAG on social media to create a buzz! Since that is a really small and exclusive event, only 40-60 people per event, that is easier to manage with an excel spreadsheet - YOU CAN HAVE ACCESS to see the sales - because I don't have an affiliate program with my non-profit and we had too many problems last time with my other company and OneShopping Cart.

MEET-UP GROUP: Adventurers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs of OC/Riverside. Different events will be held in Orange County and/or Riverside in May - June and July - Dates and locations to be announced soon. Hope you can come and join us and if you want a short 10 minutes highlight at one of the meet-up events, please reserve your spot now.  


You can use anything on the website, videos, pictures, etc.... or the flyer or I can create a flyer with your picture and/or logo if you want, or any combinations of those. Please share, TAG, post and repost, tweet and retweet as many times as you can. PS: Speakers have a minimum of twice a week to respect and other requirements.


The ULTIMATE Experience to breakthrough your fears!!! Join the World Premiers in 2013 of the Breakthrough Leadership Training at the Racetrack in Fontana, CA or Montreal, QC... Early-bird registration available now... Really limited spots and VIP Tickets include tandem ride on the bike up to 150mph! With Tony Robbins, they are walking on the fire for few seconds, with Nadine Lajoie, they will go on a bike for 10 minutes! Deep energetic transformation will come to you! That is for sure!!!


If you want to speed-up your success & money, get more free time, breakthrough that glass ceiling and overcome your fears in business and life forever, join this unique "R.A.C.I.N.G. to SUCCESS" (TM) experience at the racetrack with Nadine Lajoie, International Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Champion Motorcycle Racer... no more boring meeting at the hotel!


Do you like adventure & adrenaline? Are you are a business owner, team leader or corporate executive who wants to achieve peak performance, high success and become unstoppable?


For #entrepreneurs, #leadership training at the #racetrack to achieve #performance and #success @nadlajoie


Achieve high performance in business and in life, grow your business faster, breakthrough your limits and overcome your fears to get more results and success! Enjoy this unique Leadership Training at the RACETRACK with Nadine, to deeply and energetically transform you “to the bones”! OR


The #GlassCeiling Buster. Check out the UNIQUE breakthrough #leadership training and #Experience at the #Racetrack with @nadlajoie Please send me your best posts so I can add them here for the benefits of everyone.  

Thanks again to participate during this journey to help entrepreneurs,
leaders & business owners "R.A.C.I.N.G. to their SUCCESS™"!


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