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Breakthrough Leadership Training at the Racetrack! TM

Clips from last event in California:

Clips from last event in Montreal:



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California - Montreal - Las Vegas - Phoenix - Daytona - Austin - Atlanta 

San Francisco - New York - Dubaï - London = Australia - Japan, etc...

California - February or March

Montreal - May or June

Money-back guarantee or exchange, if the date cannot suit your needs in 2014.  No problem!

Past events were SOLD OUT, so don't wait until the dates are announced!

RESERVE NOW and you will be notified.  Don't miss your chance!

PS: This is a really EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE event, and the racetracks give their dates to biggest organisations first, like Nascar, Indy Car, Parts Canada, etc...  We have to wait until everybody gets their dates!


General Admission (ONLY 50 spots)

Value of $3,000 for only $197:

* Learn about entrepreneurship and leadership with different experts

* Have a profound experience to overcome your fears (even if you don't ride on the bike)

* Live on the edge to grow your business and life to a HIGH SPEED level

* Use the transactional and the transactional aspects to achieve high success and make more money

* Get out of your comfort zone to gain more freedom and work-life balance

* Experience and feel the adrenaline rush from the outside, by helping other participants who will go on the racetrack. 

* Bond and network with other participants with amazing team building exercises.


This LIVE event will help you achieve more success in your business and your life than ever.  Learn how to build your team around you and learn how to take calculated risks in life and business, as the most successful entrepreneurs in the world do.  General admission tickets entitle you to attend the workshop, assisting other team participants on the racetrack.


V.I.P. Tickets (Only 15 per event) are also available HERE

Reserve and EXPERIENCE the most thrilling ride of your life!  Nadine will share with you so much of what she learned through her business and athlete successes, as well as her "Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM". Nadine can also do High Speed coaching one-on-one with you personally, outside this event if you prefer. 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Portion of the profits, sponsorships and donations will go to the non-profit organization - 501(C)3 - "Keep Dreaming, Keep Living", a foundation to help saving lives with fun and passion and bring awareness against suicide and depression! Encourage the good cause while having fun and learn about business. For donations and sponsorship, please contact to learn about our amazing packages. Thanks in Advance!


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