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V.I.P. Package @ $697

8-Week Home Study Course with Q&A                                                                            $1,000

  "Live on the phone" (will also be recorded and audio available online thereafter)

3-Month Mastermind Calls (specific to Real Estate)                                                  $1,000

    Analyze deals as a group, creative offers, answering your questions, etc...

2-Day Leadership Summit - Experience at the Racetrack                                       $3,000

1 Tandem Bike Ride @ 150 mph                                                                                           $1,000

Real Estate Quick Analysis Spreadsheet                                                                             $100

  Compare 5 houses with ROI, Cap Rate, Cash-flow, graphics, etc…

1 CD Radio Guide 101  - Increase your expert status                                                        $100


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1-Hour Private Consultation                                                                                                $1,000

2-Day Leadership Summit - Experience at the Racetrack                                       $3,000

1 Book and 1 extra CD of your choice                                                                         Feel Great

1 hour Pre-recorded Teleseminar "Win the Race of Sales & Marketing"                   $100

1 R.A.C.I.N.G. Map Vision Board                                                                                 PRICELESS

                                                                                           TOTAL VALUE:                             $10,300

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***You also have access to Nadine’s FREE calls every month



 8-Week Home Study Course with Q&A (Value $1,000)

8-week_Home_study_Course_Real_Estate.jpg* 30-60 minutes per call, Hands-on exercises shared live with you and Q&A's at the end

* Creative deals, Out-Of-State investments, analyze your numbers, provide contract suggestions, etc...

* Invite different experts

* Financials, tax savings, business strategy, processes and systems, productivity, and more!



3-Month Real Estate Mastermind Group  (Value $1,000)  (90-120 minutes each month)

Over the phone – from the comfort of your home/office!

Racing_Map_NEW_Nov_2010.jpg* Participants support each other and expand your network

* Different experts may be invited to the call, if needed by the group

* Build your 180 mph Productivity Challenge

* 3-year action plan and realize 36 goals in 36 months

Includes: Accountability Partner Assignment

Breakthrough Leadership Summit – Experience at the Racetrack – V.I.P. Tickets (Value $4,000)

VP__RACING_PICTURE_250pix.jpg* Leadership training and team building exercises

* Overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone

* Build your business skills & your champion mindset

* Life transforming & breakthrough experience on the racetrack, with Tandem Ride up to 150 mph!

DATES: Sonoma, CA (May 18-19)– Montreal, Qc, CAN (June)  - 2014 – Palm Springs, CA (Fall)

Only 15 spots available for the V.I.P. Tickets



Real Estate Quick Analysis Spreadsheet (Value $100)

* Analyze 5 real estate deals in seconds

* Calculate your ROI, Cap Rate, Cash-flow, DSCR, etc..

* Graphics will show you which house is the best!



1 CD Radio Guide 101  - Increase your expert status (Value $100)

* Complete step-by-step guide to create your own radio show in 1 hour

* Increase your expert status & build better relationships and exposure in the media industry

* Boost your visibility in the media, get more leads and a better conversion rate!


pic_2013_from_Eva_Chen_Brand_From_Within.JPG1-Hour Private Consultation (Value $1,000):

* Nadine had coached over 800 clients in business in the past 18 years

* Extensive knowledge in finances, business and real estate, internationally

* Team of experts - ONE-STOP SHOP for all your needs

* Financials, tax savings, business strategy, processes and systems, productivity, work-life balance, branding, marketing, expert status, press releases, media exposures, etc…


1 book “Win The Race of Life” (Value $15) – By Mail

* Blends adrenaline, power, and strategy for success in life and business.

* Tools to elicit successful results at a fast speed.

* Using motorcycle racing as an analogy and deep real-life storytelling

* Helps readers recognize their “IN-Power” and how to tap into their “driven” personality.




Cd_motorcycle_meditation_cover.jpg#1. Rock-Energetic Motorcycle Meditation CD (Value $17) – By Mail:

* 25 minute guided process full of adrenaline and power

* Increase your energy level, clarity for your dreams and action plan

* Rev-up your heart and soul for this amazing journey!


CD_ouvrons_nos_yeux_2008cover.jpg#2. “Ouvrons Nos Yeux” CD (Value $17) – By Mail:

* 4 original French songs to transport you into an international journey

* Melodies and heart connection through music

* Message of hope, courage and success


CD_Cover_Cover_Rock___Soft_250pix.jpg#3. “Rock & Soft” CD (Value $17) – By Mail:

* 2 Original songs and her interpretation of popular hit songs

* Mix of different rock or soft songs

* Embody the masculine and the feminine energies


1 hour Pre-recorded Tele-seminar "Win the Race of Sales & Marketing" (Value $100):

* Audio download and power point access to grow your salres and marketing

* Apply this system in your business to be more productive and more effective

* Tools and strategies that Nadine used over the past 18 years

Racing_Map_NEW_Nov_2010.jpg1 R.A.C.I.N.G. Map Vision Board ( 18” X 24”) (Value $17):

(This item is folded and will be mailed to you – Please provide your mailing address)

* Nadine's 6-step process  to realize your dreams faster

* Vision board and action plan to create your 90-day challenge


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Hope you enjoy all the tools and strategies included in your program and I'm sure they will help you grow tremendously in your business and your life!


I looking forward to personally work with you very soon. 

Have fun while R.A.C.I.N.G. to Success at 180 mph!


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