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4 tickets left for the bike ride at $99

GA Tickets are SOLD OUT in California, sorry...

Reserve your spot on the waiting list or

please register for Montreal!

Motorcycle Enthusiast's Bucket List!

Experience 150 MPH on a racing bike, hard braking and steep cornering with a Professional Motorcycle Racer for just $99. Extremely limited!

Breakthrough Leadership Training at the Racetrack! TM


You can ride on the same racetracks where NASCAR

& AMA Superbikes are Racing! Pretty Amazing!


Auto Club Speedway in Fontana! • July 27-28, 2013

Auto Club Speedway, 9300 Cherry Ave Fontana, CA 92335  
(Where NASCAR and AMA are racing!)

Join us! Come and learn in a fun and unusual environment!

You may have jumped off a plane mid-sky, bungee jumped into the river, eaten or walked over fire, dived 65 feet underwater, water-rafted the roughest streams or rock climbed the highest cliffs, but you haven’t truly experienced anything yet until you’ve raced a motorcycle at a thrilling speed of over 150 mph!  

tandem_race-1.jpg John-photo-2-up-2-700-pix.jpg


FONTANA, CA - July 27-28, 2013: Chris Ulrich - AMA PRO Superbike Racer will ride with participants in tandem rides! In collaboration with RoadRacing World Action Fund and John Ulrich, Founder and Chief Editor of RoadRacing World Magazine.

In this AMAZING experiential event, you will learn different business skills, make valuable networking connections, create a strong bond between participants, and most importantly, you will get the EXPERIENCE of your lifetime! Featured Speakers & Coaches will be there to work "hands-on" with you to unblock and bust that glass ceiling you are facing and jump start your business to the next level. While a team will go on the racetrack, other teams will work on different exercise, so you get the most out of everything.


General Admission (Sold Out!):

You will learn about entrepreneurship and leadership, by having a profound experience to overcome your fears, live on the edge and get out of your comfort zone. This LIVE event will help you achieve more success in your business and your life than ever. - Learn how to build your team around you and learn how to take calculated risks in life and business, as the most successful entrepreneurs in the world do. - General admission tickets entitle you to attend the workshop, assisting other team participants on the racetrack. - Experience and feel the adrenaline rush from the outside helping other participants who will go on the racetrack. - Possibility to rent a motorhome, so you can stay at the track with us, have more fun, music jam, cooking pot luck, etc.... EXTRA FUN!!! -

Reserve Now and EXPERIENCE the most thrilling ride of your life!
The tandem experience on a back seat of a professional motorcycle racer will
guarantee you a mind blowing adrenaline blast!


Please register below.   Nadine will share with you so much of what she learned through her
business and athlete successes, as well as her "Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM




“If you are looking for a dynamic and entertaining presentation, with interaction for your teams and employees to achieve high success, increase their results, and be inspired at a higher level, I recommend Nadine for an amazing speaker to hep you inspire your team.  Nadine is one of the best coaches in the world that I worked with”.  Berny Dohrmann, CEO/Founder of CEO Space International, November 20, 2012

“I have been in the race of life many times but always gave up. Since my coaching sessions with Nadine she inspired me to win the race. She guided me into action with a very powerful plan of action. In a very short time I saw the results. I got into action and accomplished goals I never thought would be possible. Her approach of taking into account your personal ,professional and spiritual life creates balance. She has been a great teacher in my path!” – Donna, April 2012

“Nadine Lajoie lights up a room when she speaks. She is inspiring and motivating and provides solid and valuable content to empower people to get into action and create their dreams.” - Randy Peyser, author of The Power of Miracle Thinking and Crappy to Happy as seen in the movie, EAT, PRAY, LOVE, June 2011.


Silver Package

Almost SOLD OUT!  Reserve NOW to get your

General Admission Ticket included AND your

TANDEM RIDE, up to 150 MPH!

For Only $99 (Total Value of $2,095)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Portion of the profits, sponsorships and donations will go to the non-profit organization - 501(C)3 - "Keep Dreaming, Keep Living", a foundation to help saving lives with fun and passion and bring awareness against suicide and depression! Encourage the good cause while having fun and learn about business. For donations and sponsorship, please contact to learn about our amazing packages. Thanks in Advance!


Speakers for the Event!


From Roadblocks to Breaking Barriers

Nadine Lajoie, America's High Speed Success Trainer, International Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Champion Motorcycle Racer  (Founder & Host of the Event)

How to become unstoppable and attract success faster. If you want to create momentum in your business, achieve peak performance, accomplish more faster, what else than learning from a champion? America's High Speed Success Trainer, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and “Champion Motorcycle Racer who Sings like an Angel”, Nadine Lajoie is an International Speaker, #1 Best-Selling author of "Win The Race of Life" -4 times Book Awards Finalist (USA & London)- and co-founder of "Teen CEO Reality TV Show". She retired and became millionaire at age 41, coached over 800 clients since 1995 in their finances, business and personal journey. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO:

  • Increase productivity to give you more free time and vacations
  • Transition your business to RETIRE in 10-15 years?
  • Discover the 5 secrets of a high achiever
  • Increase your “decision making” confidence
  • Generate more sales and motivate your teams with a clearer vision
  • Become UNSTOPPABLE and break the glass ceiling in your Business & Life
  • Build your 3-year plan with your “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM

Nadine was featured on USA Today, ABC, CBS Money Watch and shared the stage at TEDx, California Women's Conference among Top Speakers in the Country including: Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. John Gray, Michael B. Beckwith, Adam Markel, Ali Brown, Berny Dohrmann and many more…. She “IN-Powers” entrepreneurs and women worldwide with a completely UNIQUE NEW “twist” using motorcycle racing as a metaphor for life and business, providing a powerful and energetic message to embody success, adrenaline and power with softness, music and personal empowerment.  



 The Modern Day Napoleon Hill

 Douglas Vermeeren,  Movie Producer and Monthly Millionaire Mentor

Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top achievers. Douglas Vermeeren knows what they did to get to the top and he can show you how.  He appears regularly on ABC, FOX, CNN, CTV, CBC and is known as the modern day Napoleon Hill. He is the author of 3 books in the Guerrilla Marketing series and is the creator of the hit personal development films The Opus & The Gratitude Experiment. Vermeeren was also nominated as the top speaker for 2011 & 2012 by the APCTC. His results based coaching program MAXIMUM RESULTS is currently among the fastest growing in the nation. For more information on Doug and his programs go to or

Maximum Results

When you increase your results you explode your bottom line. Douglas Vermeeren conducted extensive research on more than 400 of the world’s top achievers - now you can find out the secrets of creating incredible results in the fastest time possible. Discover why traditional goal setting doesn’t work. Overcome the biggest obstacles that keep you from success. Create sustainable success and improve your bottom line immediately. Learn how to Maximize your results immediately!


The Money Maestro!

Kris Miller, ChFEBS, CSA, LDA, Speaker, Radio-Host and Best-Selling Author (Co-Host of the Event)

Safe Money Strategist, Living Trust and Estate Planning Expert, Kris Miller helps people of all ages plan for their retirement and recently published her book "Ready For PREtirement? Everything you Need to Know NOW So Your Money Is There When You Need It". Kris offers PREtirement workshops and keynote presentations throughout the nation to teach audience members how to manage their money wisely, assure their financial security when they retire, and protect their “Golden Years.”  


arvee-redress.jpgBreakthrough Speaking!

Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer,
International Speaker and Author.

Speak-Up & Cash-In! You will learn how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy to attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, and grow your business effortlessly, especially when you master the skills of persuasion and influence. Speaking position you as an expert. If you want to get more sales, people need to believe you and trust you and Arvee will share her secrets: * The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid * 3 magnetic ways to command attention to any audience * How to control your nervousness Her audiences have fun while learning workable strategies they can put into action immediately. She presents energizing motivational keynotes and content-rich educational programs to conferences, retreats, and on-site programs. She has shared the stage with speaking giants Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Chris Howard, Joel Bauer, Eric Lofholm, John Childers, Adam Urbanski, Raymond Aaron, Dave Lakhani, Jill Lublin, Lisa Sasevich, Jay Conrad Levinson and many others.  


Evan-Money-pic.jpgThree Pillars of Success

Evan Money (The Visionary), Executive Producer, Best-Selling Author, Global Entrepreneur and #1 Online Life Coach. 

Evan will uncover the secrets he used to make over $10 Million Dollars online and offline while enjoying a thriving marriage, growing family and elite fitness levels. You will learn how to build the three pillars of true success in your life: health, relationships and finances. Evan lives his dreams and encourages the world to do the same. Evan has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and websites around the world, including ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, CBS & Wall Street Journal. He and his bride of 15 years remarry in a different state or country every year, they have two amazing children and reside in majestic Rancho Palos Verdes.  

"Find out what Darren Hardy & Joel Osteen are really like and why they are so successful ." Bestselling Author & Global Entrepreneur Evan Money sat down one on one with the most influential  people and thought leaders of our time in his new film Words of Art. He will be sharing from our stage what he personally learned and why they are so successful, THE ANSWERS WILL SHOCK YOU.


Dennis-Watts.jpgBreakthrough your Health Problems

Dennis S. Watts - Natural Health and Longevity,
Research Scientist and Quantum Physicist

 A Natural Health Research Scientist and an environmental engineer, with 35 years’ experience, Dennis Watts has powerful information to help you restore bone loss and other health problems and he will share ancient secrets to restore and regenerate health without the usual high cash outlay.

Breakthrough your Health Problems
With different Natural Health Solutions, you will learn how to reveal the missing link of nutrition (the X factor), apply awesome benefits of Super food Aronia Berry and essential oils, neutralize harmful effects of Electro Smog and Smart Meters and access quantum field with sophisticated Energy Broadcaster technologies.  Your life will never be the same after being aware of those technologies.



Improving Relationship to Avoid Conflicts

Dana Ansell

Conscious Awareness for Success vs Techniques, Skills and Education.  Dealing with employees or partner personalities, improving your relationships, avoiding conflicts and feeling confident will help you increase your sales and bring the relationship you want and a personality test can help you in 15 minutes! You will learn how to stop your struggles with emotional, intellectual and analytical people, as well as highly confident and strong personalities so you can live more happy at work and at home!

Founder of Honest A Way of Life, Dana Ansell, for the past 46 years have lectured, consulted on business, psychology, theology, as well as construction, forensic and design engineering. From his twelfth year in high school, he won every science award in the US including the Westinghouse Talent Search to become the Founder and CEO of Dakini Engineering General Contracting an award winning Design Build and forensic engineering Company.

Sponsors and Coaches:


gregwriter.jpgFunding and Marketing Strategies

Greg Writer, Marteking Expert and CEO/Founder of Angel Investors Network

Mr. Writer is an executive with over 31 years experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers, acquisitions, software development and sales/marketing.   At the age of 21, he was the youngest owner and operator of a full service investment banking firm in the history of the United States where he was directly involved in over $100 million in financings, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

Mr. Writer is a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO of five separate companies including: LLC, Children's Edutainment Network, BizPAD, Inc., Be Your Own You, LLC and the Writer Group, Inc.  Recently he launched a new division of Angel Network called Dot Com San Diego, a website design and Internet marketing consulting firm and is passionate about helping small business dominate their marketing both online and off.

BIO-Vivian-203x300.jpgMoney Block Clearing

Vivian de Guzman-Castillo, Health & Wellness Director of Feel Better Rehab

Affectionately known as “The Human MRI” and becoming more popularly known as a “Fast Track Healer”, she has greater than a 90% success rate in relieving pain and stress. She is able to get you unstuck from what’s stopping the flow of abundance into your life, getting to the root cause of your problem in different areas of your life such as health, money or relationship with her integrative techniques called “Feel Better Energetics.”

You will learn how to lower your stress and struggles about your debts and money, which will help you overcome your money blocks and strengthened your energy field around money,  gain more clarity and attract abundance.  She will also be able to help overcome your fears if you want to go on the racetrack.



Unlock Your Unique Success DNA:

Eva Chen, How to Stop Sabotaging Your Business and Your Brand

Eva Chen will help you turn your ideas into living successful brands as she proves branding is not just for big companies but for maverick entrepreneurs that want to blaze new paths.  

Bringing over 20 years of business strategy and consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies, Eva Chen is an author and the heart-felt founder of Brand from Within and New Leaf Creative Strategies. She develops personalized brands for visionary entrepreneurs that are aligned with their values, help them stand out and create breakthrough results. She has launched variety of successful entrepreneurial ventures for her clients while she combines an experienced intuition for what makes her clients stand out with the marketing expertise to turn ideas into living, successful brands. She helps entrepreneurs align their authentic personality with a complete online brand to attract their ideal customers. 



C.O.O. on the Go

Laura Landry, Executive Director at Western Health Information Network

Since 1986, Laura has been working in Information, Technology and Operations in all levels – from clerk typist to CEO and nearly everywhere in between. She has started and operated two multi-million dollar nonprofits – and there were a lot of lessons learned during the journey. Her years in government and large businesses taught her that one must understand the rules before deciding to break them, that appropriate process has an honored place in business, and to persevere when implementing organizational change. She also understands that small businesses need structure, but it must be flexible given the size and competing priorities. Laura is focused on helping business owners increase their revenues and delivery capacity exponentially, and understands what it takes to “scale up” without over-reaching. No stranger to hard work, Laura puts her strengths to work for Centipede Ops’ client organizations and enjoys doing it.


 Cayley_picture_200pix.jpgConversion Focused Websites

  Cayley Vos, Expert in Search Engine Optimization

Cayley Vos is the owner of Netpaths and has developed conversion focused websites that sell since 1997. His grasp of online marketing is reinforced by 15 years of technical computer experience. Cayley has an especially effective ability to explain to clients a project’s technical design requirements and potential technical solutions in readily understandable terms. Expert in search engine optimization and obtaining top placement in Google and other major search engines.

His favorite thing to do is take an underperforming online business and recreating the message, design and layout to create a lead generating machine. ORDER TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

PS: All Speakers and coaches will be available when we will do the "Coaching Speed Dating" exercises and other activities during the

week-end.  They will answer your questions AND bring you to the next level!  Everyone will work "hands-on" to grow tremendously!


Get your General Admission Ticket

+ TANDEM RIDE, up to 150 MPH!

For Only $99 (Total Value of $2,095)



Hotel Information:

To those who would like to stay at a hotel, please see below info and rates of Hilton Garden Inn (recommended hotel of Auto Club Speedway):

Hilton Garden Inn
10543 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, CA 92337
(909) 822-7300
2 Queen Beds Room - $96.12/night
1 King Bed Room - $96.12/night
1 King Bed Junior Suite - $117.72/night

Check-in: 3:00pm
Check-out: 12:00nn

We can get even lower rates if we book 15 rooms as a group! If you wish to be included in the headcount, kindly comment on this post with the number of people in your party.

For more details, you can go back to the main page at This event involves different risks and everyone will have to sign different mandatory release forms before AND at the event. Verification I.D. will be required at the event.    

Daily Schedule

Please arrive EARLY!  Registration will start at 8 and networking game around 8:15, so you don't want to miss that!

Don't forget your:

- Bottle of water

- Snacks

- Pen & Note Book

- Your lunch or money to buy lunch at the racetrack - we won't have time to go outside...

- Please travel light, no big bags because the classroom is really, really limited!  Remember, we are not in a hotel, this will be completely different, we will be in a media room, so the set-up is not the same!  Will be fun! :-)

Saturday & Sunday (Same schedule*)

                       8 am to 5 pm: In classroom and on the racetrack (Break for lunch)

                       6:30 pm - 10 pm: Possibility of a V.I.P. dinner and/or Red Carpet event, but that is not sure yet!  Stay tuned!

                       Different teams and exercises will go on simultaneously with coaches

                       Or we will have speakers deliver content.  The 2 days will be packed and REALLY DIFFERENT!

                       Everyone will be able to work on their business and mindset in small groups, so bring your questions with you!

Dress Code: Sports casual: jeans, t-shirt, warm clothes for the night outside. To go on the Racetrack, sport "spandex" long pants and long sleeves are the best to wear under the leather suit, or any tight sports clothing. Bring 2 sets if you want to ride twice (Extra fees apply).  Boots, helmet, gloves and leather suit are included in your Silver or V.I.P. Ticket!

Enjoy! :-)

BRING YOUR SMILE WITH YOU & your camera!!!! 

This will be a memorable event - NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!!     

* We were thinking about having people camping, do a cooking pot luck and music jam, but we didn't have enough people interested to do that.  Next time!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Portion of the profits, sponsorships and donations will go to the non-profit organization - 501(C)3 - "Keep Dreaming, Keep Living", a foundation to help saving lives with fun and passion and bring awareness against suicide and depression! 

Encourage the good cause while having fun and learn about business. For donations and sponsorship, please contact  to learn about our amazing packages. Thanks in Advance!

Print & Share this brochure with ALL your friends

Bring 5 friends and get your V.I.P. Ticket for FREE

  PS: If you want to become an affiliate partner and get commission, please contact us at to get your Coupon Code!   RACING-To-Success-Flyer-5_Page_1.jpg

If you want to become a JV Marketing Partner with us, please visit:

General Admission Ticket

+ TANDEM RIDE, up to 150 MPH!

For Only $99 (Total Value of $2,095)

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