General Admission Tickets - ONLY 45 available



General Admission ACCESS (Valued at $3,000)


You will learn about sales, entrepreneurship and leadership, by having a profound experience to overcome your fears, live on the edge and get out of your comfort zone. This LIVE event will help you achieve more success in your business and your life than ever.

- Experiential 2-day business, sales and leadership intensive training with speakers, coaches and other experts

- Experience and feel the adrenaline at the racetrack, but from the sideline (The bike ride in tandem up to 150 mph is not included with your G.A. Ticket).

- Team building exercises & small group coaching and mastermind with different experts

- Bond with other participants in this unique experience and make valuable connections

- Memories and stories that NOBODY else on the planet was ever able to experience!

V.I.P. tickets were SOLD OUT for our past events, so don't wait and

RESERVE NOW or UPGRADE HERE for your V.I.P. Ticket if you need too!

General Admission Tickets - ONLY 45 available





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Welcome on board!


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You can be on a racetrack with a Professional Racer

and where AMA Professionals are racing!



You may have jumped off a plane mid-sky, bungee jumped over the river, eaten or walked on fire, dived 65 feet underwater, water-rafted the roughest streams or rock climbed the highest cliffs.  But you haven’t truly experienced anything yet until you’ve raced a motorcycle at a thrilling speed of over 150 mph! Pic_racetrack_4_riders.jpg 



Professional and experienced racers will bring participants on a 2-up ride, in tandem with them, you will have your own little hanger to the tank, so you can HOLD ON TIGHT!

In this AMAZING experiential event, you will learn different business skills, make valuable networking connections, create a strong bond between participants, and most importantly, you will get the EXPERIENCE of your lifetime!

Pic_racetrack_Carlos.jpgFeatured Speakers & Extra Coaches & Experts will be there to work "hands-on" with you to unblock and bust that glass ceiling you are facing now and help you jump start your business to the next level.  While one team at a time will go on the racetrack for this breakthrough exercise, other teams will work on their business, tap into different exercises and have access to small coaching and mastermind groups, so you can get the most out of everything.

Please register below.   Nadine will share with you so much of what she learned through her business and athletic successes, as well as her "Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM.   Cheri Tree will help you tremendously with your sales and how to talk to your clients, while other experts and coaches will be helping you hands-on to create your own processes and systems, so you have everything you need when you go home!


What people say about the past events:


"I put on many events and this one is the most heartfelt."  Arvee Robinson, Master Speaker Trainer


"Riding on a bike is a bonding experience we will never forget.  I went to hundreds of events, and this one cannot be topped."  Greg Writer, Marketing Expert and CEO of Angel Investors Network


"This is an incredible event that we will never forget."  Douglas Vermeeren, Movie Producer of "The Opus" and "The Gratitude Experiment".




A portion of net profits will go to the “Keep Dreaming Keep Living”,  Nadine's non-profit organization (501(c)3)

Another portion will go to “Girls Incorporated of Alameda County”, (501(c)3), charity of choice for co-promoter Angie Dennis.

Encourage the good causes while having fun and improving your business. For donations and sponsorship, please contact to learn about our amazing packages. Thanks in Advance!




General Admission Tickets - ONLY 45 available


Click HERE or COMPLETE the form below

to RESERVE NOW your G.A. Ticket



Contact: (949) 421-7562 / /
Copyright © March 2010 – Nadine Lajoie

DISCLAIMER: This event involves different risks and everyone will have to sign different mandatory release forms before AND at the event. Verification I.D. may be required at the event.  Minors need to be accompanied by a parent.


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