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Nadine's Blog

Aug 11

August 2014 News: Teen Entrepreneurship Red Carpet Gala Highlights

Posted by nlajoie VIP August 11, 2014      0 Comment(s)

TV Host and cofounder of the Teen CEO Reality Show, Nadine Lajoie in collaboration with Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA), hosted a Red Carpet Gala & full day of activities from 9am - 7:30 pm on July 18th to celebrate upcoming teen entrepreneurs as they complete their course at the TEA founded by the Dean of Business School at Concordia University, Mr. Stephen Christensen. Proceeds raised at this unique event in Irvine, CA by generous donors helped launch this exciting new TV reality series that will help teens to start their business, develop a champion mindset and leadership skills.


Jul 21

Info-lettre Juillet 2014: Découvrir et nourrir votre Talent

Posted by nlajoie VIP July 21, 2014      0 Comment(s)

Un talent est une capacité spéciale qui permet à une personne de faire quelque chose de bien. C'est une habileté naturelle spéciale ou aptitude. Différentes personnes ont des talents différents par exemple peinture, jouant des instruments de musique, chanter, danser, parler en public, la liste est infinie. Dans son livre, gagner la course de la vie, Nadine Lajoie a décrit un talent comme une très belle énergie intérieure, un don de Dieu ou naturel dès la naissance.


Jul 21

July 2014 News: Discover and Nurture Your Talent

Posted by nlajoie VIP July 21, 2014      0 Comment(s)

A talent is a special ability that enables a person to do something well. It is a special natural ability or aptitude. Different people have different talents for example painting, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, public speaking, the list is endless. In her ​book, Win the Race of Life, Nadine Lajoie describes a talent as a beautiful inner energy, a God given gift.

Discovering your talent is the first step to take. It is only when you discover your talent that..........


Jul 15

Racing to Success Minutes Hit the Air Waves

Posted by nlajoie VIP July 15, 2014      0 Comment(s)

(Portland, ME) Nadine Lajoie’s, “Racing to Success Minute” has been added to the Mind Your Own Business Radio Show on News Talk WLOB 1310am and This one of a kind segment will air on the business hour (Saturdays 11am) and personal hour (Sundays 11am, EST) to bring the insights to entrepreneur success.


Jul 10

Reality TV Series “Teen CEO Show” Founder Opens Up

Posted by nlajoie VIP July 10, 2014      0 Comment(s)

(Irvine, CA) Gaining national attention, the President and TV Host of the upcoming Teen CEO Reality Show, Nadine Lajoie was interviewed on OC Talk Radio, the 2014 Critical Mass Show with Richard Franzi to elaborate on her new TV series to inspire youth. This also precedes the Teen CEO Show Red Carpet Gala celebration of the live filming on July 18th, in Irvine, CA to help teens to start their business and develop a champion mindset.


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