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Nadine's Blog

Jan 20

Jan 2015 News: Seeking Positivity in the New Year

Posted by nlajoie VIP January 20, 2015      0 Comment(s)

We live our lives in the accompaniment of a very vocal inner dialogue. This voice speaks to us constantly and often she is not particularly kind. This voice casts judgement, not only on others but on ourselves as well. In the moments after we have conceived of a new creative venture, she is there to remind us of our faults and shortcomings. Just as we are putting the finishing touches on a work presentation she pops up, quizzical at our pursuit for success. It seems that this voice never misses an opportunity to cut us down and make us feel as though we are incapable, unlovable or simply not worthy in general.


Jan 20

Dec 2014 News: Balance Your Life...

Posted by nlajoie VIP January 20, 2015      0 Comment(s)

How do we balance our lives? Can we do it easily, without obstacles? Yes, we read many books on how to create balance, and we practice the exercises offered to us. Why not give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed in life? 

Are we so afraid of our own success that we keep putting it off—like a book we put on the shelf to read at some later time? Do not let the dust settle on your ideas, or they will become poison to your dreams and your projects.


Nov 13

November 2014 News: You Need A Break......

Posted by nlajoie VIP November 13, 2014      0 Comment(s)

No matter how badly we want to achieve our goals, we should give ourselves a break once in a while. A break is crucial as it helps us to relax and re-energize.  Overworking one’s body without rest can be detrimental to our health. 

One of the ways to relax is......


Oct 01

October 2014 News: Types of People

Posted by nlajoie VIP October 1, 2014      0 Comment(s)

Many people surround us in our day to day lives. Some are beneficial to us while others are not. Some are there to support us while others are there to break us. It is important to know the category in which those who we interact with belong to. Such information will help us in deciding how to handle each person and how to protect ourselves from those who are capable of harming us.


Sep 04

Info-lettre Septembre 2014: AVOIR un rêve...

Posted by nlajoie VIP September 4, 2014      0 Comment(s)

Quel est votre rêve ? Vous pouvez avoir reçu cette question plusieurs fois. Si vous avez un rêve, alors vous êtes sur la bonne voie. Si vous n'en avez pas, vous devez en chercher un et travailler à y parvenir.

Un rêve est une idée ou une vision qui est créée dans notre imagination. Les rêves sont les objectifs que nous poursuivons toute notre vie et qu'on espère atteindre. Dans son livre, "Gagner la Course de sa Vie", Nadine Lajoie décrit des rêves en ces termes :


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