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Jul 16

Make the Move When You Can!

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July 16, 2013

As I always say, life and business are similar to motorcycle racing.  When you have an opportunity to pass someone on the racetrack, the window is open for a fraction of a second.  If you don’t take your chance now, it will be too late.  How many times in life does an opportunity presents itself and you hesitate, either to commit when it’s too late or you remain noncommital and many years later, you regret that decision and say to others “you are so lucky.”  There is no such thing as luck and what I always say is: “Luck begins by taking action.”

We see the behavior of people in many areas, but I think in the stock and real estate markets, that is quite obvious.  You always hear about investing when it’s low, and selling when it’s high, but who really does that?  I own a financial service and a real estate firm and when the market is down, people become fearful, they want to get out, so we have to prevent our clients from making a mistake and that is not always easy.  On the “up-swing,” when everything goes right, or when too many people realize there is a good opportunity, now many people jump on board, but often, by that time, it is too late.

Recently, I came across an amazing business opportunity that I had heard about over a year ago, but I didn’t take action and now realize what I have missed, after I saw their business projections and amazing results.  Better too late than never!   So, I finally decided to join and now I have the opportunity to develop the market in Canada and India (after returning from my 2 speaking events for Entrepreneurs in Mumbai and Pune) as long as I can align myself with a few great leaders.  Everything is all about your connections and team members.

Many years ago, I visited Atlanta and ate at a Subway and told myself I should bring that to Quebec as that is brilliant!  Sure enough, all excited, I shared my idea with few friends, they all discouraged me, so I forgot about the idea, like many of us do!  A few years later, Subways started to spring up all over Quebec and I missed my opportunity to be a pioneer.  In hindsight, at the very least, I should have pursued the idea, conducted some research, market analysis, etc., but I didn’t and lost a considerable amount of potential income by my inaction and my “don’t try attitude.”

I encourage you to write down a list of at least 5 or 10 opportunities you’ve missed in your life, or due to bad timing that you’ve encountered in some of your decisions, and outline the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences.

In life, there are 3 types of people:

1- Those who are pioneers, always looking for new opportunities and leading the way, so they become successful.

2- Others who are in the race, either in the front or in the “back of the pack,” but at least they are participating and get some great opportunities.

3- Lastly, there are those who don’t even know there is a race, or you tell them to come and watch and they don’t care and when you come back home with a trophy, they envy you or say that you are lucky!

Don’t let your fears, self-doubts, limiting beliefs or pre-conceived ideas push away the next opportunity you come across.   There are so many great opportunities out there for different products and services.  Please let me know how I can help you make the next smart move,  a better, faster decision, analyzing the pros and cons of your business and help you realize your dreams to create passive or residual income.  Request your free consultation at, call 949-421-7562 and download over $2,000 worth of free gifts.

R.A.C.I.N.G. to your Success!

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