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Oct 01

October 2014 News: Types of People

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October 1, 2014

Many people surround us in our day to day lives. Some are beneficial to us while others are not. Some are there to support us while others are there to break us. It is important to know the category in which those who we interact with belong to. Such information will help us in deciding how to handle each person and how to protect ourselves from those who are capable of harming us.

In her book, Win the Race of Life, Nadine Lajoie describes two types of people, using the analogy of a motorcycle race. Here is a summary;

There are people who are always ready to do anything to break our dreams. They disregard our dreams and tell us how useless they are. They discourage us and try to convince us that we will never achieve those dreams. When we decide to ignore those people or challenge them, and continue pursuing our dreams, some of them give up and leave. However, there are others who will not give up discouraging us and ensuring we do not reach our potential. When we do achieve our dreams, these people do not celebrate with us. Their joy is found in our failures. Nadine Lajoie calls them ‘joy breakers’ or ‘candle blowers.’

There are other people who rejoice in our success. They congratulate and celebrate with us when we accomplish our dreams. These are the people who love us and do not judge us. They can be relatives or friends. They encourage us in our difficult moments and help us overcome difficult situations.

The latter type of people are however few and difficult to come by. Some, who we usually think belong to this latter group are actually pretending. They smile when we succeed when actually they are hurting inside and wishing us doom. They secretly plan for our downfall. The genuine ones when discovered are worth keeping. This is because we will always need someone to cheer us on or offer us a helping hand at one point or another. As we all know, man is not an island.

It is therefore important to know where each person belongs and to put a little more effort in keeping those who genuinely care about us near us, and do away with the candle blowers.

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