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Jan 20

Dec 2014 News: Balance Your Life...

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January 20, 2015

How do we balance our lives? Can we do it easily, without obstacles? Yes, we read many books on how to create balance, and we practice the exercises offered to us. Why not give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed in life?

Are we so afraid of our own success that we keep putting it off—like a book we put on the shelf to read at some later time? Do not let the dust settle on your ideas, or they will become poison to your dreams and your projects.  Be ready to grab opportunities and race to victory.

First, you must have a dream.  Have you noticed that, when we talk about our dreams, we become excited? Well, the person we share it with may pick up on our excitement. Have you observed that? I invite you to share your dreams with a few people, to exchange your dreams and feel that excitement. 

Dreams need to be felt through the FIVE senses.

They need to be put in writing, so please write down your dreams in your dream book and then create a vision board.

In one of my workshops, I asked Pamela what was her dream?

“My dream is to climb Mt. Everest.”

“Climb Mt. Everest?”


“In what year?”

“I don’t know, but I will have to start training for it.”

“Yes, and it’s important to determine a precise time frame, as well. So think about it. Make your dream book and write a date. By doing that, you will find it much easier for your brain to figure out ways to make it come true.

Visualize how you will create and achieve balance in your life. You need to recognize your dreams in different areas and acknowledge them. Imagine how people will look at you once you have achieved your life balance. Visualize how your goal will be achieved. Imagine how this achievement will affect the lives of those around you after you have attained your goals. To help you visualize your future, keep a log. Enter all your dreams and goals.

Create lists in your dream book (the goals and objectives to be achieved). Each of these steps will help you make your objectives and goals clearer, as well as identify the steps you should take to reach them.

Often, we have one grandiose dream. It may involve health, travel, or whatever else we desire; but when we define our dreams, it’s important to have at least 3 dreams in each of these six areas of our lives: health, relationships, happiness, finances, ourselves, and our contribution to society.

Another exercise involves introspection. When we want to realize a dream, there’s a reason behind it. What motivates your dream? Does something keep you from realizing it? I invite you to take a sheet of paper, go deep inside yourself, and take a good look at your life. Write down what you see. Can you discern at what stage(s) in your life your goals were put on hold?   .

You need to focus on the necessary things. For example, a positive attitude is needed to get positive results. After doing this exercise, you’re ready for the next challenge. This will allow you to eliminate your fears and move through your obstacles with ease.

No matter how badly we want to achieve our goals, we should give ourselves a break once in a while.  A break is crucial as it helps us to relax and re-energize.  Overworking one’s body without rest can be detrimental to our health. 

Let me help you create your dreams in 2015 with my COMPLIMENTARY Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. System to YOUR Dreams at or connect with Nadine at

R.A.C.I.N.G. to YOUR Success in 2015 at 180 mph!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.


World Renowned Leadership International Speaker

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