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Aug 11

August 2014 News: Teen Entrepreneurship Red Carpet Gala Highlights

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August 11, 2014

Teen Entrepreneurship: Red Carpet Gala Highlights

TV Host and cofounder of the Teen CEO Reality Show, Nadine Lajoie in collaboration with Teen Entrepreneur Academy (TEA), hosted a Red Carpet Gala & full day of activities from 9am - 7:30 pm on July 18th to celebrate upcoming teen entrepreneurs as they complete their course at the TEA founded by the Dean of Business School at Concordia University, Mr. Stephen Christensen. Proceeds raised at this unique event in Irvine, CA by generous donors helped launch this exciting new TV reality series that will help teens to start their business, develop a champion mindset and leadership skills.

Champion Teens with successful businesses attended the Red Carpet Gala, where different media, and over 200 people celebrated the winners. Additional speakers and celebrities included: Jeff Hoffman, founding member of Priceline, Eldonna L. Fernandez, and Charlene Johnson. Several sponsors kindly supported the event including: Klein Creative Media,  Bill  Prouty of GEWDC, Concordia University, Mina Watkins, DP Productions, EnlighTea Cafe, DoTerra, Powerteam International, Wahoo's Fish Taco, CEO Space, RBN, Dubli, PhotoAnia, Photographers Alan and Guille, TRU Marketing, Anandia, Shane Belceto and Nadine's For Purpose Charity- Keep Dreaming, Keep Living.

A huge thank you to the core team that day goes to: Mina Watkins, Connie Allsopp, Kathleen King-Hunt, Lisa Ambroziak, Lauren Luo, JoyGrace Harmony, Joel Wissing, Michael Butler, Denise O'Brien and all the other volunteers.

Nadine summed up the day: "It was a truly heartwarming experience to work with the teens and have the support of such a great team of mentors, sponsors and speakers. I am excited for the next stage of the show that includes casting and nationwide broadcasting and sharing this message."

Giving back to the community is a strong message conveyed to the teens during the activities, and being part of the larger community is an integral part of Nadine's message. Her own journey through the teenager years were filled with thoughts of suicide, and her 'one call' to reach out enabled her to see a bigger world view. She is now living her dreams, encouraging others to do the same, as well as helping teenagers excel at a young age into the world of entrepreneurship.  

Castings calls for the Teen CEO Show: This series intends to create successful teen entrepreneurs from A to Z and to 'in-power' the youth within our society to live their dreams with passion and drive. Auditions are being held in October in Irvine, CA and other cities around the country to be announced. Come see what the next generation are creating in the world of business to advance our global village, and contribute to teen leadership initiatives.

About Teen CEO Show ( and Nadine Lajoie:Nadine has most recently, cofounded the "Teen CEO Show to share her knowledge about entrepreneurship to the youth of today, so we can jointly create better leaders of tomorrow. 

If you know a teen who would like to be considered for the October Casting calls, they can register below.  [Please note teens must be between the ages of 13 and 19 to participate]: 


R.A.C.I.N.G. to YOUR TEENS Success at 180 mph!


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