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Sep 11

September News: RACING TO SUCCESS!

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September 11, 2013

This month, I wanted to share the highlights of our event in Montreal, but my friend and business partner in Montreal, Donna De Luca, did a way better job than I could have done to recap it, from a different point of view.  Thank you Donna.


On August 18 &19 in Montreal, Quebec Canada took place the 2nd International RACING TO SUCCESS breakthrough summit! The adrenaline was high and the transformation that took place was beyond what I had anticipated to experience. Transformation on a personal, professional and spiritual level… rare to live all that in one event.  Nadine Lajoie’s vision definitely came to life at 180 mph! She held true to her vision of bringing her concept to the racetrack.

The room was filled with entrepreneurs, healers, international speakers, education experts, coaches, teenagers, and people from all walks of life ready to win the race to success! The roar of the motorcycles on the track added to the adrenaline of high energy. Those brave enough to say YES to the tandem motorcycle ride at 180mph were welcomed with a new level of awareness of who they were. First thing to face was FEAR and the danger that yes at that speed there is a risk.  Nadine’s life experience as a racer was delivered through her program. For some it was a dream of the adrenaline rush but for most it was to face their fears and break free of whatever limitations was holding them back.

I will share on a personal level. Having worked with Nadine prior to event I knew her laser coaching to be very efficient and the results were at 180mph!!! I was ready for a new race. I had gone back to hiding and put my dreams on a shelf once again. I set intention to BREAKFREE from this ride.  I learned so much about myself as I was getting ready to get on the bike I wanted to break free from what is holding me back. I wanted to be very aware of what it was. Awareness is first step to change. The minute I met the professional rider I realized my trust issues surfaced. I had to trust this stranger at 180mph disregarding he was a professional. He gave me guidelines for a successful ride. I never one second thought of the danger until I was on the track and witnessed an accident but as Nadine teaches stay focused one corner at the time. How many times do we get distracted in a day? Distraction is an easy way to self-sabotage our success. The rider also instructed to go with the flow and follow his rhythm and dance with the bike. Dance with the bike at 180mph, how can that be possible? I realized at what point I wanted to be in control and my whole body contracted from the resistance. This was such a powerful awareness on how being present to the NOW and follow life’s’ rhythm to trust we are always guided and supported.  As I let go slowly and trusted I enjoyed the ride and was fulfilled with the whole new level of awareness of where I am in my professional, personal and spiritual life.

My BREAKFREE team crossed the finish line and released many fears, resistance, fear of being seen, fear of standing in our own power, fear of trusting and embraced the experience of RACING to SUCCESS. Recognize your dreams, take action daily, do the inner work of caring for yourself and your loved ones, “In-Power” yourself daily, surround yourself with people that support you and your vision and NEVER GIVE UP!

From the education received inside the room to the connections with attendees and the experience lived on the track it was a transformational 2 days everyone should experience. Make sure to join us next year in Montreal or in another city near you! Visit for “Racing to Success” event dates and locations, for information on our global tour or become part of the TEAM in your city!

PS: A huge thank you to Eric Moffette and Pascal Bastien from ASM, Alan Labrosse from Autodrome St-Eustache and Moto Nation for all their support for this event!

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Donna De Luca

Global Transformational Leader, Inspirational Speaker, International Published Author



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