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Dec 27

The Power of the Subconscious and The 3 Secrets

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December 27, 2013

Positive thinking is like a freak flower bouquet, the most beautiful note produced by a musical instrument. This is the greatest step towards our evolution, to our transformation. Positive thinking opens all doors. She is the magical point where words are being transformed into a powerful manifestation into the materializing world of words.

Positive thinking is a powerful energy. It allows us to see all the good facets of life, things and people. According to our personal needs and how we are formulating our demands into the universal energy of positive thinking, our subconscious will model these thoughts to become a reality. Be careful on this level though as it can also create all the negative thinking you may be projecting.

Did you know that a thought takes one second to turn around the world? And, that It will be returned to us amplified by 3?

Do not forget that the thoughts become the certificate of our mind realization, it is energy that we are propelling from the inner self to the outward path of life, and it is a potion for your personal happiness. We need to correct all thoughts that may damage the unconscious level that create the reality of our everyday. Negative thoughts need to depart your mind every time they infiltrate your thoughts.

In my case, meditation, energetic alignment and visualization help me in my life. When I meditate, I seek the inner self peace, each time before a race. Why? I imagine a beautiful bubble of protection surrounding me, a protection for the other drivers as well and for the whole racetrack, protection over us all. 

I recommend doing at least a couple of daily meditations. Meditation is powerful. For me, I am very proud when I manage to discipline myself to 15- 30 minutes in one day. I feel a deeper inner peace when I meditate longer, a mental and physical peace, I feel better balance in my heart and soul.  



Let the subconscious work by itself


Often, people ask me how can we learn and retain information when we put notes under our pillow and our eyes are closed. 


Well, our eyes are related to the physical body, but we don’t need our eyes to communicate to our subconscious. You know sometimes when we go to bed and we meditate, or have a question on our mind, we often wake up in the morning with the answer or some insight . . . So we don’t need to have our eyes open at all, it’s important to just let the subconscious work by itself.


How to be methodical and save time


Time is so precious that you need to know how to manage it without stressing.  


I personally have a major flaw that is laziness. Lazy doesn't mean I don't work! Since I don’t like having flaws, I turned it into a positive. And now I call myself a "methodical-lazy" one, because I’ve developed so many methods to work more efficiently, that I accomplish any work much faster. When I was in school, I had three secrets that we can still use as adults in different areas of our lives.


1st secret:


Take notes using two differently colored pens. You use two different colors, draw circles, squares, triangles, flowers so that your notebooks are lively and creative. We have two hemispheres in our brain, one that is more logical and the other one more artistic. When we’re at school or seminars taking notes, it’s the logical hemisphere that’s at work, while our artistic hemisphere is not working. By adding colors and drawings to our notes, we invite our artistic side to study as well and it accelerates the process.    







2nd secret:


Prepare and study notes at night, but then stop ten minutes before going to bed. It’s important to take a break, to meditate, read, go for a walk outside, or whatever, only to relax your brain. After that, you take your notes and put them under your pillow. You lay your head over them as you lay your head on your pillow and you tell your unconscious mind, and this is crucial, to consciously address your unconscious and tell it to study for you.


3rd secret:

Record your notes, with a tape recorder or simply an mp3 player, in order to be able to study during the night, as you’re walking, in your car … You can just put on your headset and listen to your notes. Using the auditory mechanism you can learn and retain faster.



Enjoy your journey R.A.C.I.N.G. to your success!


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