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Jan 07


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January 7, 2014

Many people ask me why we should  raise our own standards and those for society. In particular, my coaching clients ask this question when they aren’t ready to improve or try to find a reason to back out of what they want or their commitments.  If you don't have an accountability partner and /or different coaches, it is so easy to get off  track and revert back to your old habits...  Here are the top 5 reasons:

1- Feel good and increase self-esteem:

We all have a tendency to compare ourselves to other people, usually the ordinary or the mediocre ones, so we can feel good about ourselves...  Feeling our self-esteem grow and that we are worthy is part of human nature.  It starts at an early age, at school, kindergarten, or much younger between siblings and even in our mother’s womb.

Why do you think hockey players, top athletes, Olympians, top business people and high achievers always aim for peak performance?  It is a good drug, being addicted to be the best you can be. Usually when you don't see any improvement, you lose interest, question yourself and try to find a solution to perform.  And, I'm not talking about being a perfectionist... Yes, you need a certain degree of perfectionism to reach top performance but to develop self esteem and "feeling good" it does not happen from being a perfectionist. Higher standards don't necessarily mean perfection. 

2- Having more freedom and more free time:

I know in the short term that is not true because we have to have some discipline, work hard, practice to be a better person, but after a while it becomes a habit and that is a question of mindset. Did you ever ask yourself why some people seem so "lucky" and everything they touch turns to gold, while others just struggle and stay stagnant?  Freedom comes after a while, and my definition of freedom is:  “Do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it, without having to worry about the money.”

If you think freedom is achieved without  any effort, compromise and without improving yourself and raising your own standards, then you can keep comparing yourself with the people you are associating with now and ask them how much freedom they really have?  If they have a lot of real freedom, you are probably hanging out with the right crowd.  I semi-retired from my first company at the age of 36 and went toward new horizons, new friends, travelled, played golf or skied in the middle of the week, raced around North America and had the ultimate freedom.  However, I want to warn you, going to the next level of freedom does not happen without significant hardship, effort, compromise and  breakdown!  You just need to hang tight and the next level of freedom will be well rewarded.

3- Be more successful and make more money:

Achieving success varies from person to person and we cannot judge other  people’s success because we are not in their shoes, we don't know their history and how far they can go.  Real success is when you have accomplished everything you can be, when you reach your full potential, with all your talents, skills and knowledge that are at your disposal, but also learning and improving yourself constantly with education, books, coaching and seminars.

If you look at yourself 10 years ago and you’ve barely moved forward, you obviously didn't play the bigger game, either financially, personally or spiritually.  Sometimes, we experience a quantum leap in one area and feel stuck in another and that is OK...Like on the racetrack, when we are working on 1 or 2 corners to improve our lap times, we feel we are messing up on the others but at one point, when we get it and put all things together, we get "in the zone" and can drop 2 seconds in a lap, which is huge!  We reach a new level of comfort zone and our new standard is completely different than before.  That is the same thing with finances, business, relationships, health, contributing to society and your “IN-Power”.  Reaching YOUR OWN new limits is where you can excel, and that is possible concurrently in many areas of your life!

4-Be proud and honor yourself:

When is the last time you were proud of yourself?  List at least 5 events and try to find the common thread.  Was it when you realized something really unique  in your human nature and when you got out of your comfort zone or when you made peace with someone?  Each time you overcome your emotional or physical fears, you stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone and you create a new paradigm, a new limit, a new standard and that is when you can be proud of yourself.

Is there something you are ashamed of or do not feel good about? Is this causing you to lie or be dishonest with people?  How can you be proud of yourself?  I’m still surprised how some people sleep at night after committing fraud, being violent, controlling or stealing from people.  The more you live every day in your true self, being aligned with honesty and integrity, the more you can honor and be proud of yourself.  Choosing that route is usually not the easiest one, but in the long run, it is the one with the best payoff!

5- Having better relationships:

I always think of the extreme example of the "mafioso": when you betray people and do bad things to people, you are losing their trust. You have to be careful because you never know when it will turn against you or your family.  On the other hand, if you are a loving person, helping others, being genuine and authentic, you will attract better relationships with your colleagues and even your own children will give it back to you.  I like to throw parties or invite different friends who don't know each other to mix-up the genres, interests, subjects and backgrounds.  My friends ask: “How do I have such great friends who are so interesting and always respectful?”  For me, respect is an important value: respect opinions, ideas,  belief systems and freedom in life.  I get along with a wide range of people, both eccentric and mainstream, because I love to learn from everyone. When you elevate your values and standards, the quality of your relationships will definitely increase!  

Please don't limit yourself and don't become complacent.  Rather compare yourself with leaders, people who have mastered the areas where you need improvement and in return, help them and be the leader in other areas where you are in control and on top of your game.  If you don’t have any area where you are on top of your game, ask yourself some serious questions…

If you want to step-up into your full power and experience a new paradigm, breaking through your own limits, imagine being on a racing bike in tandem, at 150 mph while working on your business and life, emotionally and energetically, to unleash your full potential.  For more information about Nadine's leadership programs at the racetrack, please visit or call 949-421-7562.

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