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Nov 09

October News 2016: Keep Calm During Elections!

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November 9, 2016

During the election period, I think we have to be strong, calm and find peace within ourselves, first individually then with family and friends. I'm so sad to see so much hatred, agression, frustration, lies, controversy, anger, and loss of control in communications, between friends or even on Facebook!

We, as a society, cannot continue like this if we want to collectively attract better leaders, we have to change ourselves personally, professionally and spiritually.  Being aware of our behavior, thoughts and words, can only help to increase the positive energy within us and around us, elevate our vibratory level and eventually, like the "The 100th Monkey Phenomena", elevate THE collective consciousness, that can also positively affect the political arena. This is my first time being in the USA for elections, and that is unbelievably negatively affecting so many people about the future, forgetting the present.  In Canada, most people talk about elections for a few weeks, or maybe a month or two, and we usually avoid any discussion between friends.  Here, it is surprisingly quiet the opposite and as you can observe and feel, it doesn't bring a better or positive energy!

We need to stay strong and united, enjoy all the blessings we have, plan for the future but remain flexible at the same time.  We need to exercise compassion, empathy, loving communication, understanding, listening and calmness, while letting others express themselves, in a civilized manner...  pay attention... stay away from negativeness... Each of us CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

R.A.C.I.N.G. to YOUR Success in 2016 at 180 mph!


World Renowned Leadership International Speaker

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