Title: SAFE Money & Tax FREE Strategies

International Business Consultant, Real Estate Investor, Champion Motorcycle Racer & International Leadership Speaker, Nadine Lajoie semi-retired at age 36 from her financial planning business and is back in the financial services industry since September 2014 and she will teach you different ways to save money and taxes.  

  • Eliminate risks and fees in your investments
  • Use a legal tax shelter to accumulate & withdraw money tax-FREE
  • Avoid negative returns whilst having great ROI
  • Protect your inter-generational wealth
  • Boost a portion of your legacy with a free 25% death benefit plus additional 175% of your ROI
  • Become an expert in your industry with Nadine's 6-Step High Achiever Plan


As you may or may not know, I was in the business in Canada for 20 years (TOP 10% for 13 years) and my specialty was Tax Strategies & Retirement Planning for high-end clients.  I semi-retired at age 36 from my business in Canada to come to the U.S. I finally decided to get back into the business in September 2018, as a field underwriter and broker, because the real estate market is too high right now and there is no way to make enough profit on Fix & Flips until the market crashes again.

Happy to be back in my old shoes; helping people protect their families and their money + wealth intergenerational transfers - TAX FREE!!! Love legally saving money from the government and keeping the money SAFE for my clients :-)

These products are highly specialized and probably 90% of the agents, stock brokers or mutual funds brokers out there don't know them well enough to sell them or their companies cannot sell them so they criticize them.  My Bachelor in Actuarial Sciences has signficantly helped me.

These products were originally designed for the wealthy, but now they are available for the middle-class which is good news for most people.


  1. SAFE MONEY RETIREMENT & SAFE GROWTH: Brand new product since Fall 2018
One company is offering a FREE 25% bonus as a death benefit the first day + 175% extra every year or two (depending on your choices), capital guaranteed and resets with ABSOLUTELY NO negative returns, and NO FEES! Returns are historically, not guaranteed of course, between 6.88% and 8.40% depending upon the products and indexes chosen.  This product is new since Fall 2018 and hardly anyone knows about it.  There are some old preconceptions, but these products have evolved so much that these are now redundant.


There are ONLY 3 ways in the IRS Tax Code you can accumulate and withdraw money, TAX FREE and this is one of them.  There are no maximum amounts compared to an IRA or 401(K) and no NEGATIVE returns, only positive returns.   When I build the product properly for you, you will significantly increase your money retirement income.  I saved one client $10M in tax-free benefits, with $1M of his money, while giving him 39% more on his retirement money every year!



 Email Nadine at: NadineFFL1@gmail.com

 Or call/text: 949-421-7562


Nadine Lajoie is a world renowned leadership speaker and won 22 awards in business. She trains and “IN-Powers” businesses worldwide to OVERCOME fears, ACHIEVE peak performance, ACCELERATE success and INCREASE productivity.  As a champion motorcycle racer, she uses motorcycle as a metaphor for success, adrenaline and power, with lessons from her #1 Best-Seller book “Win the Race of Life” and her “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System™".

Nadine's dynamic and passionate content-packed training will show you how you can take advantage of those strategies, understand the differences and evaluate if they apply to your personal situation.

I look forward to meeting you to see if you would be a candidate for these programs, if you qualify, and see how I can build the products for you.  There is no obligation.  Let me review the different options and show you why being an independent broker is so unique and helps our clients save more money! We represent approx. 20 companies on the market that offer better protection, better price and the latest new product launches. 

I look forward to helping you in the very near future.

Nadine Lajoie, B.Sc., 949-421-7562

20 Years in Financial Business + Tax Savings Strategies/Safe Money Retirement Planning
www.NadineRacing.com/press-kit for bio, awards, media exposure and TEDx video
International Speaker / Business Consultant / #1 Best-Selling Author


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