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Thank you so much for attending my presentation and we are so looking forward to help you ACCELERATE your Success!

Welcome to your R.A.C.I.N.G. Journey with us!

PS:  Please download all your gifts right away, because I cannot guarantee they will be there the next time you come back to this page. Thanks for your understanding!


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As promised, here are your bonus gifts:


Bonus #1: My Expert Grid Document, so you can be ready within a FEW SECONDS for all your stories, media interviews, individual or group presentations and much more:


Bonus #2: My Radio Show Guide 101 Download so you can start your own radio show online and increase your expert status:


Bonus #3: FREE "Win the Race of Sales & Marketing" Pre-Recorded Teleclass & Powerpoint*

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• Powerpoint FREE Download - you can follow with the audio below

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 Bonus #4: One Chapter of Nadine's #1 Best Selling Book:  Win the Race of Life...with Balance & Passion at 180mph!


                         OR ORDER Nadine's Book HERE


Bonus #5: Two 1 Hour VIP Group Coaching Sessions   


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Bonus #7:  "Rock-Energetic" Motorcycle Meditation MP3 Download


This 25 minute guided meditation around the racetrack, full of adrenaline and power, will increase your energy level, your clarity for your dreams, and desire to take action on your own “Race of Life”.  Using the art of motorcycle racing as a metaphor in creating a balanced and passion-centered life, this “Rock-Energetic” Motorcycle meditation will guide you to discover your “IN-Power”.  Rev-up your engines, your heart and soul for this amazing journey to help you win the race of YOUR life!  Disclaimer: Not recommended to listen at night, just in case you are too much "pumped up" and cannot sleep.  




Hope you enjoy your gifts and they will help you grow in your business and life!


I'm looking forward to help you personally very soon.  Have fun while R.A.C.I.N.G. to Success at 180 mph!


For a Limited Time Only

Breaking Barriers....

And Become an Expert in your Industry!


Download here Nadine's 30 minutes presentation  (with PDF)

     Listen this video and learn from Raam & Nadine about Marketing/Exposure!

     (Start @26:50 for Nadine's Presentation)



Want to work with Nadine with her Combo

Mentorship/Coaching programs with her team of experts?

Learn how to build your "Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM"

Are you tired of getting nowhere and not having the results that you deserve? 

Now, you can now work with Nadine Privately and her team of experts, to help you:

- ACCELERATE your success RIGHT NOW!

- Realign your business on the fast track to success

- Work hands-on with Nadine and her team of experts

- Build your 3-year action plan and realize 36 goals in different areas of your business and life

- Live a better work-life balance and bring the joy back into your life!

- Develop your Champion Mindset and achieve Peak Performance

- Build your "Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM"

You will love this opportunity...







Our COMBO-Coaching & Mentoring Programs are performed by Nadine Lajoie and her team of experts, depending on your needs in different aspects of your business and life.  With Nadine's Expert Team, those aspects may include:


Branding - Marketing - Book Writing/Publishing - Real Estate - Speaking  - PR & Medias - Coaching - Business Skills - Website - SEO - Finances & Tax Shelters - Doing Business Canada-USA - Empowerment - Confidence - and much more...

Nadine is having at least 10 experts in their industry to work with you for different sessions during your mentorship program!  We want to fullfil your needs in all aspects of your business and life, and this is why Nadine will share some of her experts with you, to give you an "holistic business" solution in her "ONE-STOP SHOP"!



Total Value of $3,000

FOR ONLY $97 a month!



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Nadine Lajoie - 949-421-7562

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