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List of Experts you can choose from

Included in your

180 mph Success Package


Thank you for signin-up for this great Success Package to help you grow your business faster and one of the most component is to take action in your success, and that is what we will work together. Here is the resume of your package:



Included in this package, you can CHOOSE 3 OF THE EXPERTS from a list of experts on this page (or even other connections of Nadine who can be a great fit for you), to really get things done.  That is the goal, getting you in movement and get a great momentum in the next 90 days in many aspects of your business and life to achieve success and peak performance!

We will discuss together in the first few sessions which experts to you need right now to jump start your business at a new level of speed and accomplish great things in the next 90 days!

R - Recognize your Dreams

       Kim Sommers & Eva Chen

A - Act One Corner at a Time

        Burke Franklin & Greg Writer & David Pyke

C - Care About Yourself, Your Family and Your Business

        Dana Ansell & Dennis Watts

I - "IN-Power" Yourself

        Mahastee Mehdizadeh & Vivian Castillo

N - Never Give-Up

        Evan Money & Arvee Robinson

G - Get it Done

        Ann Devere & Mike Berner & Justin Sachs

Value of $3,000

Pic_CEO_Space_banner_Forbes_-_Copy.pngBerny had also accepted to coach everyone of you, personally, for 20 minutes!  Great gift!

Mr. Berny Dohrmann is Chairman of CEO Space International, the largest support organization for business owners and the inventor of Super Teaching, a title 1 technology for public schools that greatly accelerates retention. Frequently speaking on stages as the guest of nations, and VIP conferences, Berny is a recognized author presently completing his newest book titled, “Redemption, The Cooperative Revolution.” Berny’s father, Alan Dohrmann, was a corporate trainer who was sought out by such notables as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney, Warner Earnhardt, John Hanley, Thomas Willhite, Bucky Fuller, Dr. Edward Deming and Jack Kennedy. Berny grew up with amazing mentors, was Chairman of a public institution heading up global investment firms, supervising thousands of licensed professionals operating in fourteen countries. Berny sold his firm to take care of his terminally ill father and later finished the brain research he and Berny started, thus creating a product known as Super Teaching. Super Teaching is showcased during CEO Space’s weeklong business forum, 5 times a year.

Rub Shoulders with Opportunity.

CEO Space is in its third decade of offering its signature week long cooperative marketplace, training and tradeshow experience for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, development and hyper-growth companies. Achieve your professional goals faster, easier, and more reliably.

Do you have a product, service, project, dream or idea that could benefit others – or the world – if you could only put the right structure, funding, and resources in place to create it or get it to market faster? Imagine what might happen if you suddenly had access to 70,000+ key influencers who couldn’t wait to help you bring you and your company to the success you deserve? Experience CEO Space, the opportunity awaits you and the door is open. Don’t sit on the sidelines of your life waiting for your next big opportunity. There are hundreds of people at CEO Space who need your support and services.

Receive a FREE 20 minutes consultation with Berny Dohrmann (Up to $50,000 an hour) and/or a Special DVD

Contact Dave Phillipson at or call 714-886-9236

Value of $17,000


List of Experts (Choose only 3)


Pic_Burke_Gift_-_business_blackbelt.jpgBurke Franklin who launched 1 million of businesses!

Burke hate it when good products, companies or people fail!  And he wanted to share what he learned from building his own business compounded by creating software to help others build theirs. That said, here is a collection of true stories of successful business building… He likes to think of it as an action manual of higher awareness and applied intuition!

It picks up where the business schools, consultants, and gurus leave off…
70+ tricks & tips and ideas to help you make better decisions faster.
Refined ideas deal with the realities for successfully building your business.

  • A fast, informative read.
  • 70+ short chapters clearly make each point in one sitting.
  • A great gift for the entrepreneurs in your life!

Nominated to “Forbes’ Top 20 Most Influential Business Books of the Past 20 Years
Revised edition, now published by Career Press.


Pik_Mike_Berner_mobike_App.jpegMichael Berner, President of Mobile App Source  


A Mobile device brings the Internet with you wherever you go and whenever you need it. Apps built for businesses, provide instant information, increase local visibility, creates loyalty with your customers, and allows you to communicate better and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Mobile App Source is proud to support Nadine in the R.A.C.I.N.G to Success Experience program. A mobile app is a tool used to help small and medium sized business increase profits utilizing the power of mobile technology. This scholarship includes the initial consultation and evaluation of your business, custom design and development for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 devices, publishing to the Apple and Google Play stores, marketing flyers templates to promote your app, and training on the back-end app tool.  Note: A monthly fee of $60 that covers hosting, customer and technical support, and continued research and development applies.



Kim Somers Egelsee's positive power parties

Choose from over 40 empowering activities. Kim provides, content, supplies and location!
For 8-48 ladies!  # 1 best selling author Kim Somers Egelsee is a multi award winning inspirational speaker and life coach who specializes in helping men and women discover their purpose, live in their full positive power, remove fears and exude confidence in any interaction. Kim leads the monthly OC event Willow Tree and Monarch Mastermind.



Mahastee Mehdizadeh, Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Overcome fears, blocks, negative thinking, and sabotaging behaviors in order to have the life you want in relationships, finances, health, and happiness with Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mahastee Mehdizadeh, MFT., CHt.  Mahastee has often been referred to as the "The Stop Sabotaging Expert", and has over 10 years of experience in helping her clients gain clarity, a strong sense of self,  creating healthy relationships, and successfully finding meaning in their lives.   Mahastee uses a variety of powerful tools such as hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programming, muscle-testing with psychotherapy producing positive, successful results. Contact Mahastee at

Your Success Package includes:

     - 7 sessions of 55 minutes

     - 3 workshops

     - 1 CD with 2 hypnotic processes about

           a) Success                  b) Overcoming Procrastination

     - FREE GIFT: One Free EXTRA Session of 55 minutes. This FREE Gift expires on 1/11/14.

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