We are happy to introduce you Maria Emily Denamur!

I know Emily since 2008, we worked together in different aspects of real estate, and her honesty, integrity and desire to help her clients will help you take the right decisions for your real estate investments or acquisitions.  Have fun doing business with her! :-)

pic_Emily_Denamur.jpgMARIA EMILY DENAMUR

California real estate licensed since year 2000, actively works with real estate investors, marketing firms, here in USA and also specializing in offering strategically unique, beautifully located International properties such as Mexico and Philippines, promoting resorts, vacation second homes and retirement properties. With great deal of mortgage, lending background and multiple work experiences, ready to share the amount of earned knowledge to help others to benefit from different angles of real estate field.



- Find resources and financing options that meet the needs of borrowers.

- Will share direct streamline services that banks, investors and other alternative steps of funds providers use to evaluate funding requests enabling borrowers to use available options.

- Open the opportunity and increase the knowledge helping the clients, buyers, investors, homeowners move forward and achieve desired smooth loan and compliance process.

- Guide borrowers through simply by gathering required data in order that will help in time management and reduce the risk of legal action due to lack of better understanding.

- Emily is passionate about helping, develop and maintain strong, client relationships that continues to serve and make a difference in people lives



Serve and help guide the interests of people that are ready to achieve the potential market with wider loan understanding and knowledge.


Has over 15 years of combined experiences in diversified areas of real estate (residential and commercial)

Hands on experience in mortgage, lending, escrow, title, investor relations, 1031 Exchanges. Handled as well loans with national and out of state transactions under the umbrella of direct lender, mortgage companies and banks.

Acquired past working knowledge with reputable companies, such as Wachovia, One West Bank, Mammoth Equities, United Title Company, Fidelity Company to name a few of the companies she had worked for.

Well rounded, optimistic and caring personality that helps and continuously involve with community events, church activities as active contributor in inspiring and creating impact that make difference in people’s lives.

Happily travelled extensively around the world and blessed with two beautiful children, Brett, son and Jenna, daughter, am welcoming the opportunity to help to get you more to help you achieve your goals, financial or personal strategies in creative diverse field of investment.

Feel free to get Emily's services and consultation by calling her at (949) 910-5862 or email at

Your referral is greatly appreciated and work by Referrals.


Maria Emily Denamur /  (949) 910-5862  / 

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