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6-Week Online Training Program

with Nadine Lajoie



Week #1:  Message & Template

  • Define and document your goals for this program
  • Develop the 9 components for your “Expert Grid BlueprintTM
  • Leverage your life stories on radio, TV, media interviews (bridges)
  • Build your template for speeches, books, interviews

                   ---))) Week #1 – Homework Assignment

                   ---))) Download your VIDEO #1 HERE


 Week #2:  Branding, Sales & Marketing

  • Create a Clear Action Plan in 6 steps with Nadine’s “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM
  • Increase your sales by embodying the transactional VS the transformational
  • Evaluate and improve your website quickly  (banner, logo credibility, templates, video, pictures, sign-up area - top right  corner, clear, optimize above the fold, etc…)
  • How to create a basic website or sign-up pages for less than $100
  • Create your audio and CD products for less than $20
  • Increase your branding and exposure on the market
  • 5 critical mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur
  • Become unique with branding and create a WOW experience for your clients

                   ---))) Week #2 – Homework Assignment

                   ---))) Download your VIDEO #2 HERE


Week #3:  Media Exposure & Press-Kit

  • Attract more business by creating your own internet radio/Web TV show
  • What FREE (or almost FREE) software to use online and why?
  • How to develop your press-kit & media strategy
  • Attract more attention to your brand profile with Google Hang Out
  • Build your credibility as an expert with more media exposure
  • Prepare and structure your interviews within a few minutes

                    ---))) Week #3 – Homework Assignment

                    ---))) Download your VIDEO #3 HERE


Week #4:  Productivity & Efficiency

  • Understand “Time Management Secrets ” and why I became millionaire at age 41
  • Structure your week so you have more free time
  • Control Measurements – what they are and why they are so important.
  • Change your habits to create better results
  • Discover your own roadblocks and break through them
  • “4 Male/Female Styles in BusinessTM
  • Manage priorities and emergencies

                    ===))) Week #4 – Homework Assignment

                    ---))) Download your VIDEO #4 HERE


  Week #5: Business Strategy & Finances

  • Create your mission & vision
  • Manage your persona or professional budget in 3 easy steps
  • Discover why passive income is so important ($100/month means over $28,000 NOW!)
  • Create a Business strategy  & One-Page Summary
  • Analyze your financial situation and eliminate your debts
  • Become an entrepreneur from A to Z and save money
  • Utilize amazing tools to create your business plan

                  ---))) Week #5 – Homework Assignment

                 ---))) Video #5 will be filmed LIVE and you can participate too!

  • “17-Step Success FormulaTM


Week #6: Action plan - 36 goals in 36 months

  • Vision Board & Dream Book
  • Develop win-win strategies between for-profit and non-profit partnership alliances
  • Discover your big mission and how to impact communities
  • Balance your life in 6 areas for more holistic success
  • Celebrate your Achievements and Successes every 3 months
  • Refocus on the right priorities
  • Take advantage of a Licensing opportunity
  • Accountability & Taking action

                   ---))) Week #6 – Homework Assignment

                   ---))) Video #6 will be filmed LIVE and you can participate too!

  • “12-Quarter Action Plan”
  • Prepare your Radio/TV interview with your “Expert Grid BlueprintTM
  • Complete the Evaluation form and comments about the program



Nadine Lajoie / 949-421-7562 / conference@NadineRacing.com



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