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6-Week Online Training Program

"How to Become a HIGH ACHIEVER!"

with Nadine Lajoie

As promised, here is FREE access to Video #1, with tools and strategies to become a High Achiever.

Hope you ENJOY & LEARN a lot, but most importantly, IMPLEMENT the strategies I'm teaching! ;-)

Week #1:  Message & Template

  • Define and document your goals for this program
  • Develop the 9 components for your “Expert Grid BlueprintTM
  • Leverage your life stories on radio, TV, media interviews (bridges)
  • Build your template for speeches, books, interviews

                   ---))) Week #1 – Homework Assignment

                   ---))) Download your VIDEO HERE



If you are interested in continuing this online training,

here is what I will reveal in the next 5 videos:


Week #2:  Branding, Sales & Marketing

  • Create a Clear Action Plan in 6 steps with Nadine’s “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. SystemTM
  • Increase your sales by embodying the transactional VS the transformational
  • Evaluate and speedily improve your website (banner, logo credibility, templates, video, images, sign-up area - top right corner, optimize above the fold, etc…)
  • How to create a basic website or sign-up pages for less than $100
  • Create your audio and CD products for less than $20
  • Increase your branding and exposure on the market
  • 5 critical mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur
  • Become unique with branding and create a WOW experience for your clients

                   ---))) Week #2 – Homework Assignment

  • “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G. System to your DreamsTM” and Workbook
  •  Download and review all shared website links


Week #3:  Media Exposure & Press-Kit

  • Attract more business by creating your own internet radio/Web TV show
  • What FREE (or almost FREE) software to use online and why?
  • How to develop your press-kit & media strategy
  • Attract more attention to your brand profile with Google Hang Out
  • Build your credibility as an expert with more media exposure
  • Prepare and structure your interviews within a few minutes

                    ---))) Week #3 – Homework Assignment

  • “How to start Your Own Radio Show ”  (Radio Guide 101 -Audio)
  • Finalize your “Expert Grid BlueprintTM


Week #4:  Productivity & Efficiency

  • Understand “Time Management Secrets ” and why I became a millionaire at age 41
  • Structure your week so you have more free time
  • Control Measurements – what they are and why they are so important.
  • Change your habits to create better results
  • Discover your own roadblocks and break through them
  • The “4 Male/Female Styles in BusinessTM
  • Manage priorities and emergencies

                    ===))) Week #4 – Homework Assignment

  • Complete your Success Assessment Survey
  • 4 Male/Female Styles TestTM


  Week #5: Business Strategy & Finances

  • Create your mission & vision
  • Manage your personal or professional budget in 3 easy steps
  • Discover why passive income is so important (how $100/month means over $28,000 NOW!)
  • Create a Business strategy  & One-Page Summary
  • Analyze your financial situation and eliminate your debts
  • Become an entrepreneur from A to Z and save money
  • Utilize amazing tools to create your business plan

                  ---))) Week #5 – Homework Assignment

  • “17-Step Success FormulaTM


Week #6: Action plan - 36 goals in 36 months

  • Vision Board & Dream Book
  • Develop win-win strategies between for-profit and non-profit partnership alliances
  • Discover your big mission and how to impact communities
  • Balance your life in 6 areas for more holistic success
  • Celebrate your Achievements & Successes every 3 months
  • Refocus on the right priorities
  • Take advantage of a Licensing opportunity
  • Accountability & Taking action

                   ---))) Week #6 – Homework Assignment

  • “12-Quarter Action Plan”
  • Prepare for your Radio/TV interview with your “Expert Grid BlueprintTM
  • Complete the Evaluation form and comments about the program

TOTAL Value of $1,997 



pic_arrow_blue_transparent.png     1 hour private mentoring/coaching session with Nadine


 pic_arrow_blue_transparent.png     My #1 Best-Seller Book "Win the Race of Life" 



pic_arrow_blue_transparent.png      Next Mastermind or Event at Hotel or Racetrack (Complimentary G.A. Ticket)

pic_arrow_blue_transparent.png      Interview and promotion on Nadine's Radio Show

                   or Web TV Show

pic_arrow_blue_transparent.png     Nadine’s help to secure and prepare for ONE OTHER interview

                  on Radio/TV/Media Outlet                                                                    


For ONLY $497

(6 exclusive spots available)





Thanks for registering for this fabulous HIGH ACHIEVER PLAN!

I can guarantee that you will learn and acquire a sigificant amount of knowledge during these 6 weeks!


R.A.C.I.N.G. to your Success at 180 mph!


PS: If you are not 100% convinced, you can always get a Complimentary Strategy Session with Nadine to see how this program can help your company right now or if you want to have access to some free gifts and one Video Training, please feel free to SCHEDULE HERE or send an email to  Looking forward to working with you soon!





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